Claims Management

Claims Management

We at Comp360, believe claims management is the most important component of lowering workers comp costs. It is the foundation of our agency.

We have a full-time staff lead by a work comp certified claims adjuster (CWCL) with over 25 years ’experience in the middle market and self-insured segment. We monitor each claim from report date to close date while educating and navigating the employer through the workers comp process. While representing the employer’s interest including scheduling pre mediation meetings, claims reviews and attending mediations, we still partner with the carrier’s adjuster the primary care physician and the defense firm working in unison to mitigate the every claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Construction Employers who have 1 or more employees, including any non-exempt business owners;
  • Non-Construction Employers who have 4 or more employees including any non-exempt business owners;
  • Agriculture – when there are 6 regular employees and/or 12 seasonal workers who work more than 30 days during a season but no more than a total of 45 days in a calendar year

An individual, as an officer of a corporation, who elects to be exempt may not recover workers’ comp benefits. Click here to apply, modify or revoke an exemption. 

You should report it as soon as possible but no later than thirty (30) days or your claim may be denied.

If an injured worker refuses to submit to a test for drugs or alcohol, the employee may forfeit eligibility for medical and indemnity benefits. If an employee or job applicant refuses to submit to a drug test, the employer is permitted to discharge or discipline the employee or may refuse to hire the applicant (if specified in the written Drug-Free Workplace Policy), since, by law, refusal to submit to a drug test is presumed to be a positive test result.

We would not recommend that you utilize anyone who does not have WC insurance. If he gets hurt ideally he should file under his personal insurance. However, it would not be difficult for him to make a claim for WC under your insurance if he does not have his own or he could file a civil suit which would be even more costly. We see this all the time and the company that hired the person is held responsible, if that company does not have WC it goes to the next. (Ex: You hire a subcontractor to do work for you that has WC coverage, that person/company hires another person that says they have coverage but turns out they don’t. The company with coverage would be held responsible starting with the subcontractor.)

How to Report a Claim

Amerisure Insurance - 800.282.2743
Chubb & Son - 800.252.4670
Cincinnati Direct For Glass Claims - 888.588.4527
Citizens - 866.411.2742
Energi - 888.252.4650
FCCI - 800.226.3224
Firemans Fund - 888.347.3428
Great American - 800.584.0835
Hartford - 800.243.5860
Liberty Mutual - 800.362.0000
Lincoln General - 877.717.5442
MCIM (Workers Comp) - 888.922.5246

Medical Protective - 800.463.3776
Mercury Insurance - 800.489.7001
PMA (Workers Comp) - 888.476.2669
Progressive - 800.274.4499
Summit / Bridgefield (Workers Comp) - 800.282.7644
Tower Hill - 800.216.3711
Travelers – Commercial - 800.238.6225
Travelers – Flood - 800.356.6663
Zenith (Workers Comp) - 800.440.5020
Zurich - 800.987.3373
Zurich Auto - 800.987.3373

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