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Our Company

Fielding Dickey, the owner and founder of Comp360, began his journey in the industry 25 years ago as a Loss Control Consultant with Summit Holdings, a work comp carrier. He performed hazard identification audits, analysis of underlying causes of accidents, implemented various safety, drug free and OSHA compliance programs for over 3,000 businesses in West Central Florida. He also assisted in the underwriting of prospective clients prior to being accepted by Summit. 

He identified an underserved market segment in which employers were extremely frustrated with their workers comp due to their elevated experience mod and limited options on renewals. These employers were constantly being told by their general lines agencies that they would try and offset rising work comp costs with cheaper quotes on other lines of coverage. Basically, being led to believe that work comp is an uncontrollable cost. Fielding did not subscribe to that theory and knew that large self-insured employers were doing it, so why couldn’t employers in the middle market segment do it? 

With his experience and conviction, he formed a company with the model to provide a service to employers that was not being offered by typical brokers. His company focuses on reducing employers’ work comp costs by utilizing risk management principles, primarily claims management, loss control and safety training, medical management and profit leak prevention. He staffed it with highly dedicated and experienced work comp professionals in the workers comp industry from each area of specialization; human resources, loss control and safety, claims management, underwriting, auditing and medical management. Thereby applying a unique, fully comprehensive, 360 degree approach in helping employers lower the total cost of their workers comp.

Comp360 strongly believes in giving back to the community.

Some of the charities we support include:

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