PEO and Staffing

PEO & Staffing

We at Comp360 believe in the value of specialization; not just in workers comp but in specific market segments in workers comp.

Comp360 can help PEOS grow and be profitable by writing carve out policies. We are directly appointed with over 40 retail carriers in every state which allows us to place coverage providing the most competitive rates and terms for even the toughest risks for PEOs including Staffing risks. We have several carriers that will provide alternate employer as well as labor contractor endorsements.
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    Loss Sensitive Plans

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    Large Deductible

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    Guaranteed Cost

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    Carve-Outs With Contract Labor Endorsement

Comp360 can also help Staffing companies grow by placing coverage and negotiating the best terms through one of our numerous staffing carriers.  

Placing the coverage is just the start. Comp360 differentiates itself from other retail agencies because we have the experienced and talented staff that helps you mitigate your costs and your client company’s costs by mitigating your claims. We provide claims oversight and act as you advocate with the carrier adjusters. We also provide safety training, hazard identification and compliance remotely and onsite. In addition, we have a proprietary analytical software that allows you in assessing the risk of each client company by giving you detailed historical and current claims statistics for each code in every jurisdiction. With over 50 years combined experience, our risk management team will be there for you.

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